I would like to start with welcoming you here at the PLACE.  I have been in FACEBOOK & TUMBLR  and every time I want to share sexy big boys in their forum they would give me issues.  Every time I would place a sexy man in a sexy position or without a shirt, they place me in FACEBOOK JAIL or TUMBLR BAN.  As you all know I am an author of my book that has my main characters Big Boys I have to place them all in a world where big boys and bears can have a life without being made fun of.   Bears started these things in the 1980s and have made a name for themselves in Events, Magazines, and even have Bear products to purchase.   Now I would love to start two out of three because Big Boys already has the Events part down pat.  So I am trying to a place on the internet where sexy big boys can show off their own assets

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