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Synopsis of     Big Boy Chronicles;   SECRETS   &  BACKLASH


Secrets...  We all have them.  We do not tell anyone who we like sexually until the time is right.  We would wait until we know who we are as a person.  And that is what Robert Marshall is doing, Robert is an African American young man who is a proud Gay Big Boy living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC.  At home, He has kept that a secret, in school Robert is becoming a high school senior with honors.  And in High School he also has secrets, there are some girls in his high school be wanting to hug his thickness, but Robert has a secret that he wants to hug boys instead.  Let us find out together whose secret will be discovered and how will it be handled by Robert.


Synopsis of     Big Boy Chronicles;   LOVE, LUST & CONSEQUENCES


This is the consequence of secrets a continuation where Robert left off.   We all have been through this where we have consequences to the secrets that would come to light.  Robert’s secrets have come to light some were known already, and some came out slowly, but Robert faced their consequences.  In this second installment of my Big Boy Chronicles, you will find out how Robert faces these consequences. Big Boy Eddie, what is he all about? Where did he come from originally? Let us find out together what secrets have come to light? Will Robert try to forget all about Eddie?

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