“SHIT! I got caught, with my dick in my hand stroking!” 

Robert thought as he was sitting up. The chubby Latino stared at Robert briefly before looking around to make sure they were alone. He opened his mouth and made expressions with his tongue while signaling for Robert to whip his dick out again.     

 “WORD! Let me find out, that this stocky “Papi” is in our kind of family.” 

 He signaled for the stranger to come closer. The guy crawled towards Robert and took out Robert’s piece with subtle but overwhelming excitement. He slowly eased Robert’s hardened dick into his warm, wet mouth as he moaned softly from tasting pre-cum.

Robert’s eyes rolled into the back of his head with pleasure.    


 Robert muffled his voice forgetting the need to be silent. He looked around to make sure there was no audience. Robert grabbed the stocky Latino’s head, holding it so he could move his piece back and forth in his mouth.


He heard Bernice calling. Robert ran up the steps to the door.

“What is wrong Grandma?”

“It’s your mother Robert, she is in the bathroom and there is no answer.”

“Okay, Grandma. Maybe she is the bath with her headphones on”

“Robert, still, come with me to check on your mother.  We might have to push the door in.”

“Yes, Grandma,”

Robert said as he passed Bernice on the way up the stairs to the second-floor bathroom.  He knocked loudly as he approached the door.


When no reply came from his mother, Robert put all his body force into the door. The fourth body slam bruised his right arm slightly, but the door finally gave way.  To his horror, his mother was not in the tub with headphones on at all. In the middle of the bathroom floor wrapped in her nightgown, she lay holding her chest, an expression of intense pain on her face.

“MOMMY!... NO!!!”

Tears flowed from Robert’s eyes as he fell to his knees next to his mother.  His grandmother screamed at his grandfather frantically.

“JOHN!! Call 911!!”

As John picked up the phone to call the ambulance, Bernice came back to the bathroom door and screamed again in tears.


Robert rested Angela’s head on the base of his lap.  Angela started to notice her son’s face.

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