All my life I have read African American gay books.   My first book was James E. Hardy’s “B-BOY BLUES”.  It was such an excellent book to read, and then I purchased “The Invisible Life” by E. Lynn Harris.  In this wonderful storyline, I found myself part of the book because it felt like, a gay soap opera.  It was engaging with the characters he created was great.   After reading these books I wanted to find a book that portrays me as a Big Boy.  After a couple of searches, I just could not find one book about a big boy, chubby, thick, football build, big-boned, and fat that was the main character of a gay fiction book.  About ten years ago I sat down and just started writing, at first, I didn’t know what direction I wanted the characters to go until it hit me.   I decided to start over and use NYC as a city background then making my characters all Big Boys.  In my book, I have the smart and sexy trying to find love in their own way.   Now ten years have past and I closely wrote to 300 pages where I gave up because I felt that if I could not find myself sexy how I could write about a character that is sexy.



After finding love for myself then being blessed to have a man that loves me for me, I did feel better for myself but did not go back to finish my book.  Until my husband was cleaning the house and found my book asking me about my book.  He stated that you need to finish this book for all the big boys out there that are looking for love and want to learn the Big Boy Swag.

    I dusted off the book and started on revisions.  Received help with the editing and place the story into a three-part series.   Here now in the present, I am so proud of how Big Boy's presentation has become.  On Facebook, you can see the groups we have, and we have Big Boy Clubs in Atlanta, New York City, Houston representing all-Big Men of Color.

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