I would like to start this page with welcoming you here at our PLACE.  I have pages in FACEBOOK,TUMBLR and INSTAGRAM.  Every time I would want to share sexy big boys in their forum they would give me issues.  Every time I would place a sexy man in a sexy position or without a shirt showing their nips they would place me in FACEBOOK JAIL or TUMBLR BAN.  I formed this website which I alone control so I can freely place these sexy big boy pictures to all members of the Big Boyz Place.

As you all know I am an author of Big Boy Chronicles Series that I have placed my main characters Big Boys.  I have to put them all in a world, where big boys and bears can have sexy life without being made fun of or told to lose weight to fall in love.   

With much respect to the Bears they started their community since the 1980s having made a name for themselves starting with Bear Magazine, then having Bear Events, and even have Bear products to purchase.   Now I started with my books and now with this website I am trying to put Body Positivity & FatBoy Season on the WEB MAP.   I can proud say that we have Big Boy Events and I pray they all continue to grow for all Big boys to have fun proudly.    

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